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If you do not have the time or can’t navigate our Auction Platform or can’t find your dream car, just let our
Field Geeks know the year, make, color, model, mileage range, and budget for your dream car or truck
and consider the job done – whether used or a brand new car.

Our Field Geeks are local auto procurement specialists in the United States and Canada.. They operate
at the obscure local auto auctions where unbelievable “auction steals” occur daily, far away from the glare
of online car buyers. Our Field Geeks also search for auto deals for our customers directly from American
moms and pops who often sell their cars and trucks at a discount. If it’s a new car, our field geeks also
have the expertise to negotiate the best deal from the network of car dealerships.
With our auction geeks service, our customers get their dream cars at highly discounted rates.
For added assurance, we offer our customers a 100% money-back guarantee for all cars purchased by our
Field Geeks. Meaning, if you are not satisfied with the car or truck purchased for you directly by our
Geeks, we refund your money back.

Our service is a very cost-effective way to buy a vehicle as you only pay the actual cost plus our very low
service fee. You can further make installment payment arrangements for your next car by first
depositing the purchase cost & towing fees for your car to the Port, then the shipping, and lastly the
clearing expenses on or before your car gets to the Nigerian Port.
For more information on importing your dream car or to get a quote for your dream car, please get in
touch with our Geeks today.. We look forward to working with you

Your Personal Car Hunter

  • The easiest way to find the best car deals
  • Act like the Winners. Buy like the Dealers
  • Buy Smart, Save Thousand
  • Buy Direct, Save Big


To start the car-buying process, a token retainer is payable by our Customers. Once payment is made,
our computer Lobby becomes available to the Customer. The search for your dream car is on. Our office
& field geeks will also issue Search Reports weekly to our Customers until a purchase is made.

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