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What We Do

America  Auction Geeks Company, a one-stop shop for importing your dream car

We make car buying from American and Canadian auctions easy for our Customers. Nowadays, major auction houses in the United States and Canada operate mainly online whilst local and smaller auction houses operate on their lots without broadcasting their auction inventories to the whole world. American Auction Geeks is basically an auto procurement & import agency with an army of auction specialists all over the United States and Canada. Our geeks search daily for great car deals from the websites of all the major auto auction houses & the offline inventories of hundreds of auto auction houses.
We search wherever cheap cars, trucks and equipment are sold. Our geeks are always on the road in search of jaw-dropping auto deals for our Customers.
Once you use our concierge service, you’ll never buy a car another way.


The Future of Buying Cars...

Virtually all cars on Nigerian roads are imported. Most are used cars imported from auction houses in
America or Europe. The prices of cars in Nigeria are however excessively exorbitant because of various
middlemen commission, markups and profits.
How about buying your own dream car directly from the USA or Canada?.
Do you know that American & Canadian auction houses offer more than 500,000 used cars & trucks for
sale every week online at very cheap prices to the whole world. So, whatever car or truck you need, you should surely get it from American Auction Geeks Company.


The easiest way to find the very best car deals

Save hundreds of thousand Naira on each procurement.

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We’ve imported hundreds of cars, let’s assist you get your dream car


You buy directly from the Sellers. No middleman. No hidden charges